What's the difference between inTERnet and inTRAnet?

inTERnet refers to the world wide web (www) - a vast interconnection of computers that allows communication in virtually all directions and is accessible to just about anyone (although some sites require a form of membership in order to gain access).

inTRAnet refers to a private network owned by a company and allows access to only their employees and/or only those that are granted a login id and password. This is not a "membership" that you can buy into or sign up for; you are either elgible for access or not. Often a company will grant limited access of their intranet to their trading partners. Intranets allow employees within a company to exchange and share data that aids them in completing their tasks or provides company information such as employee benefits. Generally, the information found on an intranet is not of interest to the general public.
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Internet vs. Intranet

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I've created many database-driven intranet sites - but since they exist behind company firewalls, they are not accessible for demonstration. Below are descriptions of some browser-based intranet projects that I've worked on.

   Designed and coded a shipment tracking system so that shipments can be tracked in detail from the time they leave a factory overseas, through various events and destinations, until they arrive at a distribution center in the U.S.
   Created ASP pages to allow users to configure report parameters and to define who shall receive reports along with storing the recipients' email addresses.
   Created a proposal generator system which enables the sales force, which can be located anywhere, to quickly generate consistent and professional looking proposals via their browser.

The system allows for input of basic customer information and then presents the salesperson with an outline of all possible proposal components. The salesperson checks off each section that pertains to the proposal at hand, then the corresponding documents are automatically merged together to effortlessly form a customized proposal.

The system allows a document administrator to input and update the master outline via a visually expanding/collapsing tree format so that it is easy to discern sections that are subordinate to other sections (i.e. each sub-section is indented from its parent).

Coded using Active Sever Pages, VBScript, JavaScript, and SQL.
   Created intranet site using Active Sever Pages, VBScript and SQL database to serve employees, customers, and vendors.
   Created an Event Tracking system where web pages are built dynamically based on search criteria and user preferences. Built an interface with Excel in order to furnish flexibility in formatting printed output.
   Created a Test Report quality monitoring system that captures user input worldwide and then stores and retrieves it using XML, rather than trying to access a central database which would be much slower when dealing with factories located overseas.

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