What's the difference between inTERnet and inTRAnet?

inTERnet refers to the world wide web (www) - a vast interconnection of computers that allows communication in virtually all directions and is accessible to just about anyone (although some sites require a form of membership in order to gain access).

inTRAnet refers to a private network owned by a company and allows access to only their employees and/or only those that are granted a login id and password. This is not a "membership" that you can buy into or sign up for; you are either elgible for access or not. Often a company will grant limited access of their intranet to their trading partners. Intranets allow employees within a company to exchange and share data that aids them in completing their tasks or provides company information such as employee benefits. Generally, the information found on an intranet is not of interest to the general public.
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Website Internet Projects

Below are a few sample sites that I've worked on.

 Informational and Sales sites (WordPress / PHP / PayPal / jQuery / JavaScript / HTML / CSS):
MoonlightTaiChi.com    UnionHouseMusic.com
Moonlight Tai Chi
Created Tai Chi Class site from scratch using PHP, JavaScript, and jQuery. Designed site and graphics. Created image rotator on home page with images, tabs, and text to allow the user to cycle through photos and text that represent the main aspects of Tai Chi. Added "contact" and "add to mailing list" forms. Implemented payment by PayPal when class series (as opposed to ongoing classes) are being offered. The class location and some features of the classes are listed below the left-hand navigation column on every page as reminders to visitors and for improved SEO.
   Union House Music
Created jazz singer's website using WordPress with a responsive template and lightbox plug-in (responsive means the site looks good on all devices). Customized templates and stylesheets. All customizations were done using best practices so that everything will be preserved when applying future updates to WordPress and plugins. Made selected songs available for listening on the site via the MP3-jPlayer plugin for Wordpress. Implemented PayPal with customized buttons. Created musical note favicon. Designed physical envelope for Extraordinary Weddings music CD.
 E-commerce sites (CommerceServer / .NET / SeeWhy / ExactTarget / Bronto):
VermontTeddyBear.com    Pajamagram.com
Vermont Teddy Bear Company
Made various enhancements to this e-commerce teddy bear site. Enhanced product pages so that personalization (embroidery, etc.) can be applied to multiple garments, each instance with a different price. Implemented Abandoned Cart and Abandoned Browse (automated emails to customers that didn't complete an order) using SeeWhy and ExactTarget marketing email services.
Made various enhancements to this e-commerce pajama gift site. Structured all newly implemented features to have on/off switches so that they can easily be enabled and disabled. Implemented ShopRunner (similar to Amazon Prime except it spans merchants). Implemented Abandoned Cart and Abandoned Browse (automated emails to customers that didn't complete an order) using Bronto marketing email services.
 E-commerce sites (CommerceServer / .NET / Joomla / HikaShop / Bronto / MailChimp / Mad Mimi):
CalyxFlowers.com    Tao-i.com
Calyx Flowers
Made various enhancements to this e-commerce flower site. Shipping live plants and flowers means that the shipping and delivery logic must take into account how long live product will be sitting in a box while in transit. Improved the delivery date logic to allow for the maximum amount of deliverable dates even when dealing with supplier and/or carrier holidays. Implemented email marketing services using Bronto, and then MailChimp.
Implemented Joomla CMS with T3 framework and HikaShop e-commerce extension for selling t-shirts, etc. Set up MailChimp, then Mad Mimi to be used in conjunction with email signups on the site. Set up a slideshow. Changed look and structure of the site by using out-of-the-box settings for joomla and extensions. Created landing pages for customer interaction until client is ready to launch products.
 Informational and Sales sites (HTML / CSS / JavaScript / Paypal):
EFT4YOU.com    MountainRiverTaiChi.com
Emotional Freedom / EFT
Totally redesigned the website in order to make the site cleaner and more concise both in terms of layout and content, while still conveying the original ideas and providing a peaceful experience. Created all website graphics, including the hawk which was from one of my photographs. Implemented PayPal shopping cart. Used AJAX to create collapsible/exandable descriptions for the long list of self-help CD's available for sale and organized the list into separate categories to make shopping easier. Implemented the ability to play background music while a visitor browses the site.
   Mountain River Tai Chi
Created website using CSS and HTML. Supplied several of the photographs that are used on the website. Created documentation so that owners can maintain the site themselves. Code and pages are structured in a modular fashion to make it easier for the owners to focus just on the content.
 Informational and Sales site (HTML / CSS / JavaScript / Blogger):
HPCanoes.com    HPCanoes.com
Hemlock Pete's
Redesigned an existing website using CSS and HTML to make the site look more attractive and modern. Site owner gave me carte blanche on the graphical design as well as the organization of the content and navigation. Main graphics were made by extracting and piecing together portions of photos supplied by the site owner. Created a collage of inspirational images on slow rotation for the sidebar. Set up and customized a blog using Blogger, including quick links and posts organized by category. Created a document for the site owner detailing how directories are organized and how to perform updates on this content-rich site.
 Informational and Sale sites (HTML / CSS / JavaScript):
Tipi Lodging.com    Barnes Land Services
Tipi Lodging
Created site to promote rental of a tipi. Highlighted boxes containing testimonials are interspersed amongst the text. Set up one of the images to show a different photo when the mouse is hovered over it – thus showing two very distinct views of the same object. Implemented a social media toolbar making it easy to share the site on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Created an availability calendar.
   Barnes Land Services
Created informational site for a land services business. Uses a background image that fits the theme of the business without making the text hard to read. Took all the photographs that are used on the site.
 Informational site (HTML / CSS / Google Ads / Affiliate Ads / JavaScript / PHP / MySQL / WebCalendar):
HikeNewEngland.com    HikeNewEngland.com
Hike New England
Home page and trail report summaries are dynamically generated based on the contents of the database. Event calendar allows anyone to view free hiking events. Created "Hike Finder" so that vistors can perform detailed searches against the database based on attributes such as hike difficulty, region, distance, and keywords. Created a hiking time calculator allowing visitors to input distances, elevations, and walking paces in order to produce an estimated hiking time. Google ads and affiliate ads implemented as a revenue source. Created extensive administrative screens to allow for updating and querying the site's content.
 Informational and Purchase site (HTML / CSS / Google Shopping Cart / PHP / MySQL / Tiki CMS):
TheSkyGuy.org    TheSkyGuy.org
The Sky Guy
Implemented Tiki content management system (CMS) on a MySQL database to create an astronomy site. Performed extensive customizations in PHP to make the site look attractive and function properly (there were many bugs and lots of ugliness in the out-of-the-box Tiki implementation). Implemented Google shopping cart, a "current moon phase" indicator, article management, photo galleries, and an event calendar. Created custom menus to make maintenance easier when in Admin mode. The left-hand image above shows a page as seen by the general public; the right-hand image is that same page in Admin (update) mode. Created extensive documentation describing the structure of the site and maintenance procedures so that the site owner has complete control over the content which he uses to publish articles as well as class-specific information and assignments for the courses he teaches.
 Scheduling and Informational sites (HTML / CSS / JavaScript / PHP / MySQL / WebCalendar):
PPTOnlineScheduling.com/    ClaireVonKarls.com
PPT Online Scheduling
Created an online scheduling system for a gym's personal training appointments. Each trainer working at the gym has to log in to access the system. From there, they can input information about their clients, and schedule training appointments. A trainer has limited access to the system; an administrative user has full access to the system and can update the many settings that allow for very precise control of the gym's appointment load. Weekly activity and billing reports are automatically emailed to the administrator and active trainers. (This site requires a password to access.)
   Claire Von Karls
Designed website to be in harmony with this psychotherapist's services. Page layout and style elements are controlled via stylesheets making the actual HTML pages very straightforward for easy maintenance. Trained website owner and her assistant and provided them with supporting documentation so that they now perform website maintenance on their own, enabling them to keep the workshop schedule, and other aspects of the site, up to date. Set up ConstantContact template enabling the client to easily create and send HTML email newsletters.
 Informational site (HTML / CSS / JavaScript / PayPal):
SeacoastDayhikers.com    SeacoastDayhikers.com
Seacoast Dayhikers
Implemented PayPal "Buy Now" button so that visitors can sign up online to be a member of the club. Created headings and hike-difficulty graphics using photos supplied by club president. Created graphics and calendar-like layout so users can quickly and easily take in the hikes being offered. Graphics portray by both color and letters the hike's difficulty rating and hikes are grouped together by season. Designed and coded entire site (site owner gave me carte-blanche). A random page heading image is displayed upon each page load.
 E-commerce site (HTML / CSS / PHP / MySQL / Scene7 Image Server):
HealthCareInspirations.com    HealthCareInspirations.com
Health Care Inspirations
Implemented Scene7 image server functionality, allowing products on this e-commerce site to be enlarged, zoomed, and panned. This functionality also allows for multiple views of a single product. Modified database, admin screens, and user screens to allow capturing and validating of additional user account and order data. Enhanced the product admin screens to have "Delete" and "Duplicate" functions, making maintenance of the product catalog much easier. Created an admin screen for "Open Orders" allowing for quick access to orders that need to be processed. Enhanced functionality that sends order confirmation emails to both the customer and admin personnel. Coded SQL statements to globally update prices and comments text for all products. Implemented a minimum shipping charge into the order checkout process. Fixed a large number of bugs present in the existing system (although more still remain), including a bug that intermittently caused the placement of orders to fail while giving the customer a "success" message. The left-hand image shows a user account creation screen; the right-hand image shows an Admin screen with enhanced functionality.
 Dynamic Chart Generation (PHP / MySql / GD):
AmazingCharts.com    AmazingCharts.com
Amazing Charts
Created graphs to summarize customer attributes (available to administrative users only). Graphs are dynamically created based on the database and using PHP and the GD library. (These features require a password to access.)
 Billing and Administrative functions (PHP / MySql / Your Pay / Link Point / JavaScript):
AmazingCharts.com    AmazingCharts.com
Amazing Charts
Wrote billing system to handle products added to a new database structure. Product prices are dynamically expressed as "/each" or "/year" depending on settings for that product in the database, products already owned, and products about to be purchased. Interfaces with Your Pay / Link Point credit card services. (These features require a password to access.)
   Amazing Charts
Created system to allow admin users to search database for specific field values (in any field or in specific fields, as desired). From this list, the main database table may be edited and subordinate table records are listed. Then the user may click on the subordinate records to also edit those database tables. (These features require a password to access.)
 WebDate Customized Package (PHP / MySQL / CSS):
MingleCafe.com    MingleCafe.com
Mingle Cafe
WebDate customization. Extensive customizations using PHP and stylesheets. Made database changes to allow for specific functions and characteristics. (This website is no longer online.)
 Employment Applications and Customized OS Commerce (PHP / MySQL / CSS):
Tillamook Cheese    TheDevotion.net
Tillamook Cheese
submit detailed job applications associated with specific job openings that are listed online. (This form is no longer online.)
   The Devotion
OS Commerce customization. Layout and color changes implemented via PHP and stylesheets. Set up so that two images can be associated with a product. (This website is no longer online.)
 Informational sites (PHP / HTML / CSS):
Town of Lyman    Hobby Photo website
Town of Lyman
Printer-friendly site: when a page is printed, only the content will print (no header, footer, nor navigation). Page layout and style elements controlled via stylesheets - the multiple columns you see do not use HTML tables.
   Hobby Photo Site
Hobby photography site: User may select events from a list on the home page. From there a list of pageable thumbnail images is displayed. When the user clicks on a thumbnail, a larger image is displayed. Or the visitor can choose the "slideshow" mode to flip through the larger images. Designed to display photos of variable sizes.
 Photography site (PHP / CSS / JavaScript / File System / PayPal):
LK Portraits    LK Portraits
LK Portraits
Professional photography site: A list of photographic events is dynamically created based on the server's directory structure. User may select events from this drop-down list (implemented via CSS) on the home page. From there a list of pageable thumbnail images is displayed. When the user clicks on a thumbnail, a larger image shows along with ordering information. Checkout is interfaced to PayPal yet picks up the order quantities from user-entered data on the photo site. Photos are placed differently on the detail page depending on whether they are vertically or horizontally oriented and the appropriate watermark is then laid over the photo. (Layout designed by site owner.)
 Sites customized for a client's clients (PHP / MySQL / CSS):
HRM Direct / Goodman Company    HRM Direct / JDeane Jobs
HRM Direct / Goodman Company
   HRM Direct / JDeane Jobs
HRM Direct / Zillow    HRM Direct / Factiva
HRM Direct / Zillow
   HRM Direct / Factiva
Customized job opening pages to be hosted by my client (HRMDirect) with stylesheets, etc. modified to match the look of the company actually offering the positions. (HRMDirect is no longer in business so these pages aren't currently accessible.)

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