What's the difference between inTERnet and inTRAnet?

inTERnet refers to the world wide web (www) - a vast interconnection of computers that allows communication in virtually all directions and is accessible to just about anyone (although some sites require a form of membership in order to gain access).

inTRAnet refers to a private network owned by a company and allows access to only their employees and/or only those that are granted a login id and password. This is not a "membership" that you can buy into or sign up for; you are either elgible for access or not. Often a company will grant limited access of their intranet to their trading partners. Intranets allow employees within a company to exchange and share data that aids them in completing their tasks or provides company information such as employee benefits. Generally, the information found on an intranet is not of interest to the general public.
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I am located in Northern New Hampshire, but with the internet, remote logins, teleconferences, and online meetings (where demos, etc. may be performed), I can work effectively on any project regardless to geographical locations.

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Please email for estimates (and I will provide a phone number so we can chat about the project, if you wish). Since every project is unique, I do not have fixed prices for projects. Every project is custom-written so you get a solution and look tailored just for you. After we discuss your needs, I can give you an estimate of the time and cost involved.

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